Your perfect running partner

Cushioned and lightweight running shoes for all distances.

Running & Streetwear

Running shoes that combine performance and style for the fashion-conscious runner.

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  • Synthetic and textile upper
  • Pull tab at the heel
  • Shown: Black/Laser Fuchsia/White/Black
  • Style: BQ9241-002

An Element Of Surprise

A lightweight textile upper design takes its cue from iconic Nike sneakers like the Internationalist.

Easy Rider

Nike React foam cushioning is a lightweight, durable design that is also ultra-soft and incredibly springy. With every step, the foam responds to your foot by snapping back.

Durable Traction

The rubber pods on the midsole and outsole of the sneaker are more than an eye-catching design element. They make the shoe more durable and add traction.

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Shoes React Element

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